A new honorary doctor of Šiauliai University was inaugurated on September 9. In June 2015, the Šiauliai University Senate approved the proposal of faculties and departments to award a honorary degree to the bishop of Šiauliai E. Bartulis.
Not only University’s community participated in the solemn Senate meeting, but also a plenty of guests gathered: members of the Lithuanian Parliament Rasa Juknevičienė, Arvydas Mockus, mayors of Šiauliai city and district Artūras Visockas and Antanas Bezaras, assistants of the Lithuanian Parliament members Valerijus Simulik and Edvadas Žakaris, representatives of Church, various organizations, enterprises, etc.
The Chaplain of Šiauliai University – priest Arūnas Jankauskis was familiarized with E. Bartulis’s biography. He acknowledged: HE bishop Eugenijus Bartulis is appreciated and highly respected by the whole community of Šiauliai University for his extraordinary and outstanding personality as well as significant activities. We are joyful that HE bishop Eugenijus Bartulis agreed to become the new honorary doctor of Šiauliai University for longstanding cooperation and care of our young people’s state of mind.
HE bishop E. Bartulis invited everyone to stop for a minute and to keep one’s ears open to God’s voice with his speech. “The history of humanity and even the existence of our planet depend on hearing God’s voice. Humankind has almost overmastered space and time, but also devastated nature and themselves by polluting ground, air and water.
Technological wonderworks woke up such fears in us, which were alien before. It is not clear who we are, so we search for our identity in consulting-rooms of psychologists and psychiatrists. For how long can we live surrounded by city fuss sowing discord, death and tragedies? The great wisdom encourages us to turn back to humans and to love them.
When will we understand and joyfully accept Christ’s teaching, let his ideas and advices into our hearts, study classrooms; when will we comprehend Christ’s words: “For apart from me you can do nothing“? We will be able to convey academic knowledge, various skills, however, if the creation of the God’s Kingdom is not the priority, we will be left empty-handed”, - bishop Eugenijus Bartulis said in his speech.
HE bishop Eugenijus Bartulis is the seventh honorary doctor of Šiauliai University.

Information: Communication and Marketing Office
Photographs: Zenonas Ripinskis