Together with American colleagues Šiauliai University scientist creates a biomedical decision-making system

Paliulis JAV 3

Paliulis JAV 3
“Finally in Lithuania started e-health system in many European countries and the US is no longer news. Scientists abroad dream about intelligent biomedical decision-making system,” said Dr. Egidijus Paliulis, head of Department of Computer Systems at Šiauliai University. A scientist together with colleagues from the United States for several years works hard creating a completely new information technology product – biomedical decision-making system.

Accorting to Dr. E. Paliulis, “Along with University of Nebraska at Omaha scientists created biomedical decision-making support system is intelligent biomedical system that will monitor various ongoing processes, accumulate and analyse the biomedical data and in accordance with obtained analytical results will help staff to make the right decision.”

Dr. E. Paliulis said, “In general we aim to create an intelligent prototype of the software useful for a variety of biomedical institutions: laboratories, hospitals, clinics, treatment and medical research centers. For example, in a hospital, such system could accumulate information about a patient, his tests results, analyse and submit the advice for the medical staff in specifying the diagnosis, possible treatments, etc. This system could automatically submit conclusions about the test results, specify digressions and potential risk factors. It could also help physicians avoiding mistakes. The same system could determine if any medical product contains certain dangerous ingredients for a particular patient. We can say that this system is an intelligent assistant for medical staff.”

“At the moment one of the most important things are seen as reliability of data storage for biomedical data created to be outlined, which will have great influence on the decision-making process,” said scientist.

In 2014 some of the carried out works were presented at the IEEE International Conference “Computational Advances in Bio and Medical Sciences” in Miami (Florida) and in 2015 the article for the prestigious Lithuanian science journal “Medicina”.

Šiauliai University scientists together with the American colleagues could certainly contribute to the health system development in Lithuania.

Photo by E.Paliulis