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Acta 24 virselis
Acta 24 virselis


Acta Humanitarica Universitatis Saulensis. The aim of the publication is to disseminate information about the newest research and ideas in the field of humanities, to stimulate interdisciplinary research and exchange of the research results.

It contains articles on the topics of philology (linguistics and literary studies), philosophy, history, ethnology, social culture, etc. Separate issues of the journal are dedicated to the discussion of a certain cultural phenomenon from various interdisciplinary aspects, e.g. The Child in Culture, The Name in Culture, The Shifts in Cultural Memory and Local History, etc. the journal is open for a lively scientific discussion and the development of the intellectual thought.
ISSN 1822-7309 (Print)
ISSN 2424-3388 (Online)


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Editorial Board:

prof. dr. Bronius Maskuliūnas, Šiaulių universitetas


prof. habil. dr. Ojārs Bušs, Latvijas universitāte

prof. dr. Zenonas Butkus, Vilniaus universitetas
prof. dr. Terry D. Clark, Creighton University
prof. habil. dr. Aloyzas Gudavičius, Šiauliai University
prof. dr. Gintautas Mažeikis, Vytautas Magnus University
habil. dr. Stanisław A. Sroka, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
prof. habil. dr. Virginija Šlekienė, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
prof. dr. Jerry A. Varsava, University of Alberta
prof. habil. dr. Andrejs Veisbergs, Latvijas universitāte
prof. habil. dr. Gert-Rüdiger Wegmarshaus, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)
prof. habil. dr. Kazimieras Župerka, Šiauliai University


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 Published since 2006
Address of editorial board:
Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art
Šiauliai University
P. Višinskio St. 38,
LT-76352 Šiauliai, Lithuania
Tel. +370 41  595780
Faks. +370-41 393 014
El. paštas:  maskuliunas@su.lt;