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           Filologija 2015 20 virselis
Filologija 2015 20 virselis

The aim of the publication is to stimulate research in the modern branches of linguistics and to disseminate the materials of the Lithuanian language in the sphere of international research. Papers corresponding to the two fields of research of the Faculty of Humanities – ethnolinguistics and poetics – are published in the journal. The Editorial Board of “Philologija” is first of all interested in the following issues: concept expression, conceptual metaphors, lexical nomination, text pragmatics, and semantics of the text of fiction. Priority is given to the articles written on the basis of modern methodologies, first of all, those using the methods of Cognitive Linguistics. Some papers can be dealing with general theoretical issues, while others may reflect the outcomes of the concrete philological research.
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Atsakomasis redaktorius
ALOYZAS GUDAVIČIUS, prof. habil. dr. (kalbotyra) – Šiaulių universitetas

Redaktorių kolegija:

JERZY BARTMINSKI, prof. habil. dr. (filologija) – Marijos Kiuri-Sklodovskos universitetas
OJARS BUŠS, habil. dr. (filologija) – Latvijos universitetas
VIGMANTAS BUTKUS, doc. dr. (literatūrologija) –Lietuvių literatūros ir tautosakos institutas
HEINER EICHLER, prof. habil. dr. (filologija) – Vienos universitetas
PRANAS GRAŽYS, prof. habil. dr. (literatūrologija) – Šiaulių universitetas
AUDRONĖ KAUKIENĖ, prof. habil. dr. (kalbotyra) – Klaipėdos universitetas
BRONIUS MASKULIŪNAS, prof. dr. (kalbotyra) – Šiaulių universitetas
JOSIF STERNIN, prof. habil. dr. (filologija) – Voronežo universitetas
KAZIMIERAS ŽUPERKA, prof. habil. dr. (kalbotyra) – Šiaulių universitetas

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Humanities Faculty
Šiauliai University
P. Višinskio St. 38,
LT–76351 Šiauliai
Tel. (8~41) 595 787, faksas (8~41) 432 748
E-mail: gudavicius@hu.su.lt