Vytauto str. 84-115, 77156 Šiauliai, Lithuania
Phone: (+370 41) 59 58 51 
     fax: (+370 41) 59 58 57
E-mail: info@tsi.su.lt

Šiauliai University
Continuing and Distance Studies Insitute

Head of the Institute
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rima Bakutytė
Tel.: (+370 41) 59 58 51
Fax: (+370 41) 59 58 57
E-mail: info@tsi.su.lt 

In-service Training Institute was established in 1998 instead of In-service Training Faculty and Professional Development Center along of the Šiauliai Universities reorganization process. In 2004 it was renamed Continuing Studies Institute.

The Institute maintains well-established links with University faculties, units for science and studies, other universities, national and local educational institutions, industrial enterprises and other social partners. It provides continuing studies, re-qualification and in-service training courses for specialists in various areas.

Stage one
Bachelor’s Degree Study Programmes:
• Information Technologies;
• English Philology;
• Lithuanian Philology;
• Special Education;
• Social Education and Psychology;
• Primary Education and Pre-school Education;
• History;
• Public Administration.

Stage two
Specialised Professional Study Programmes:
• Subject Pedagogy
Master’s Degree Study Programme:
• Management (Education Management).

Continuing Studies Institute provides a wide range of courses and seminars for:
• Educators;
• Doctors;
• Staff at public health centers;
• The workers in horse-bruding and stud-breeding;
• Social workers;
• Civil officials;
• The doners of aggressive dogs;
• Driving trainers and driving instructors;
• Police officers;
• Employees in charge of electricity provision.

Continuing Studies Institute in co-operation with other higher education institutions, educational establishments, non-governmental organizations and other social partners organizes scientific practical conferences.

The Institute has participated in the following projects: LEONARDO DA VINCI, SOCRATES COMENIUS, GRUNDTVING, ERAZMUS as a co-partner.

Now the Institute is a co- partner in:
international projects SOCRATES COMENIUS ( EcoLab , CARIPSIE), EU structural funds projects and national projects.

The staff of Continuing Studies Institute have research links in the USA, France, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and other countries.

Continuing Studies Institute is an acknowledged in-service training institution for employees in civil service. The Institute hosts ECDL authorised Testing Centre. On learners’ request courses and seminars are available not only at the Institute, but in other institutions and organizations in Lithuania as well.

Research areas include:
• Distance learning;
• Quality of continuing studies;
• The situation and problematics of continuing studies;
• Education of gifted pupils;
• Development of primary school pupils’ responsibility;
• Humanism dissemination in curriculum and etc.