Šiauliai University Student Club and ŠUSA organized a traditional celebration for students: first-year students’ “Baptising”. The number of first-year students had declined recently; therefore, there were not a lot of participants. Despite this, the ones who took part in the celebration were more than pleased after turning to “real” first-year students.
From the beginning of the celebration in the main pedestrian street (Vilnius Street), first-year students had to accomplish a variety of tasks prepared by senior students – to feed each other with little spoons, to get through a lowered rope, to kneel down in front of the monument of P.Višinskis, to interlace arms and to honour it. What is more, students participated in amusing relay race, impressed their body parts on paper, etc.
Culmination of the celebration took place in the yard of the Central Building, where the heads of University, deans and vide-deans, joyfully greeted the first-year students. The most impressive ones received gifts.
The celebration was finished with a traditional first-year students’ oath ceremony.

Information: Communication and Marketing Office
Photographs: Zenonas Ripinskis, Ieva Klenauskaitė