Members of Šiauliai University Senate gathered into the first meeting in September 30. Elections of a new chairperson of Šiauliai University Senate and reorganization plan of Šiauliai University structure, proposed by Rector Donatas Jurgaitis were the most topical issues.

The agenda of the meeting had been modified before it started: the issue of university's intellectual property management and procedures of knowledge transfer were delayed until the next meeting.

Chairperson of the meeting Prof. Dr. G. Kačiuškienė and Šiauliai University's Rector D. Jurgaitis expressed their gratitude to former chairperson of Šiauliai University Senate who was also the first rector of Šiauliai University – Prof. Hab. Dr. Vincas Laurutis, for his special academic and scientific merits. ŠUSA president Margarita Vagdarytė also expressed gratitude to former chairperson of Šiauliai University Senate on behalf of all students. Prof. Vincas Laurutis shared his hopes of becoming university's professor emeritus and participating in solving various issues of Šiauliai University.

The second part of the meeting involved election of vote counting commission. Three candidates were proposed: dean of Faculty of Social Sciences Doc. Dr. Gintaras Šaparnis (member), 4th year student of Electronics Engineering study programme (Faculty of Technology and Natural Sciences) Karolis Ringys (member), and 3rd year student of Electrical Engineering study programme Vygantas Rudnickas (chairman). Constitution of the commission was approved unanimously.

The first item on the agenda was raised by vice-chairperson of the senate, Prof. Genovaitė Kačiuškienė, who informed that according to 2013 statute, after the termination of senate member's pedagogical or scientific work relations with the university, senate member's authority discontinued as well. In addition to this, some members' tenure in the senate had to be stopped and they had to be replaced by new members. Prof. Hab. Dr. Arvydas Juozapas Janavičius (would work in University's Art and Research Center) was suggested to displace Prof. Hab. Dr. Vincas Laurutis, Prof. Dr. Arūnas Gumuliauskas (would work in Attestation commission) was suggested to substitute Prof. Hab. Dr. Aloyzas Gudavičius, Doc. Dr. Rita Mikaliūnaite (would work in Attestation commission) was suggested to replace dr. Žilvinas Norgėla. Candidacies of these three Senate member positions were approved. Senate stated that work relations of senate member Dr. Zita Tamašauskienė had expired. For the reason that there were no more potential candidates, the decision was made to consult university's jurist until the next session. After a solution concerning Dr. Zita Tamašauskienė had been made, the majority of votes approved the new chairpersons of senate committees: Prof. Roma Kačinskaitė (Development and Finance Committee) and Doc. Violeta Šlekienė (Attestation commission).

The second issue of the meeting included election of senate chairperson. Doc. Dr. Algirdas Ališauskas submitted the decision of the senate board to propose Prof. Dr. Genovaitė Kačiuškienė who was the vice-chairperson of the senate to become chairperson. According to A. Ališauskas, there were no other suggestions. As the professor accepted, her candidature was included into the vote paper. The results were: 25 voted in favour, 1 against, 1 vote paper was declared to be invalid.

Senate board evaluated the fact that only 14 months were left for the term of office for this senate, therefore, they decided not to propose a candidature for the position of vice-chairperson.
Vice-rector for Research and Art. Prof. Dr. Diana Šaparnienė discussed the third item on the agenda. She presented the provision by joint Science, Art and Study Commissions for the approval of priority art directions and trends (traditional and modern artistic expression and art intercourse) as well as two groups of topics: fine arts, design, media art and music, theatre, cinema. Art people who work in these fields have approved their intense artistic activities within past 5 years, have been nationally and internationally recognized and have participated in at least 4 art projects or in other significant activities and have prepared at least one authorial publication work. Senate members accepted and confirmed university's priority art directions and trends.

Another topic that was discussed included the proposal of candidates for Annual Lithuanian Science Award 2015, and it was presented by the director of Šiauliai University Science Institute Prof. Ingrida Šaulienė (the question was submitted by joint Science, Art and Study Committee). Candidates, who, in last 15 years have made fundamental and applied scientific researches as well as experimental development works, having scientific and practical significance, have been proposed. For the Social Science and Humanitarian Award, Virginija Stefanija Šidlauskienė's candidacy was proposed for her work cycle "Equality between Lithuanian women and men and (non)discrimination researches". Another candidacy was suggested of Hab. Dr. Aloyzas Juozapas Janavičius for his and co-authors' work cycle "Super-diffusion, generated by roentgen radius in solid materials, its applications in new technologies of electronics and materials". Senate members approved both candidacies.

A plan for structural transformation of Šiauliai University was presented by rector Prof. Donatas Jurgaitis. Here you may watch the record of his speech. Rector's proposed plan was listened without many comments. He answered the questions of Prof. Vaclovas Tričys, Prof. Arūnas Gumuliauskas, and heard the remarks of Prof. A. J. Janavičius. Rector informed about further discussions on this topic in October 14. Until then, he is open for constructive suggestions related to the issue. Senate members approved his plan as a basic one (24 – in favour, 3 – against, 1 abstained).

The memorandum for the establishment project of a cluster of Klaipėda University, Vytautas Magnum University, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and Šiauliai University was discussed in the final part of the meeting. Vice-rector for studies Remigijus Bubnys presented the issue. He acquainted senate members with the aims and objectives of the cluster, the attitudes of Education Ministry towards it and threats to cluster members. Vice-rector answered senate members' questions, listened to the comments of Prof A. Gumuliauskas, Doc. R. Toleikienė, Prof. A. J. Janavičius, and Prof. G. Šaparnis. Senate members approved (26 votes in favour) the memorandum for he above mentioned project.

Info by Communication and Marketing Department
Photos by A. Paulauskas