A support agreement between the University (recipient), represented by Rector Donatas Jurgaitis and support providers - member of the European Parliament Bronius Ropė and farmer Ramūnas Karbauskis was signed in September 25th. With this contract, support givers committed to provide voluntary and not returnable financial support consisting of 4234 Euros for master's degree student of History and Politics study programme to cover her tuition fees. Financial support is granted for two-year period.

The fact that member of the European Parliament, Bronius Ropė, had got intentions of promoting studies and researches of European Parliamentarism in Lithuanian regional universities and was about to grant a purposive studies scholarship for 1st year master's student of History and Politics became clear last summer. It is a great new that farmer, culture patron and politician Ramūnas Karbauskis has associated himself with the initiative of Bronius Ropė. What is more, Ramūnas Karbauskis provides financial support for over 100 students every year.

It was not a secret who was going to receive the scholarship at the day of support agreement signing. The lucky one was master's student of History and Politics Aistė Juozapavičiūtė. Her native land is Pasvalys district, and now she has got a job in Naisiai, where she contributes to the organization of Naisiai cultural life; at the same time she continues her master's degree studies at Šiauliai University. The student cannot determine the precise topic of her master's thesis yet, but it is clear that she is going to analyze the history of European Union or European Parliament.

Before signing the agreement, meeting members discussed topical issues of education, studies financing and general issues of Šiauliai University. Rector D. Jurgaitis shortly presented the situation of Šiauliai University and studies, project activities, cooperation with international partners and exceptionality of the University. Arūnas Gumuliauskas, the professor of Faculty of Humanities expressed his attitude and remarks concerning inattentiveness for humanities studies and, to his mind, inappropriate educational and regional policy. All members of the meeting accepted - regional policy in Lithuania had many shortcomings and required essential changes.

Politician and member of Šiauliai District Council R. Karbauskis agreed to rector's opinion about insufficient extent of purposive financing Lithuania. According to R. Karbauskis, present situation of purposive funding constitutes only 10-15 percent of actual demand. In his opinion, the issue should be considered both by businesspersons, who wish to enlist professional experts and by state officers, seeking to control the emigration process. R. Karbauskis, who is a well-known businessperson expects that by signing this agreement he may encourage his colleagues to follow his example.

At the end of the meeting, University's guest Bronis Ropė invited everyone to search for new forms of cooperation between politicians and support ways, "I could make sure that young researches would have possibilities for internships in Brussels. I may not cover internship and research expenses, but I could guarantee a work place and a computer", ensured the member of the European Parliament in the end.

Info by Communication and Marketing Department
Photos by Tomas Andrijauskas