It was the first time in October 9-10, when Šiauliai City municipality and London "Santara-Šviesa" club, leaded by former lecturer of Šiauliai University Music Department, a successful worldwide pianist Rimantas Vingras organized "Šiauliečiai Day". Our delegation consisted of the representatives of the Faculty of Arts: head of the Music Pedagogy Department prof. Diana Strakšienė, doc. Vilmantas Dambrauskas and third year student of Music study programme soloist Sigutė Vaičiulytė.
Delegation from Šiauliai had a warm welcome at the Lithuanian Embassy in the United Kingdom – future collaboration perspectives were discussed in science, enterprise, culture and education fields. Violinist from Šiauliai, Augustė Janonytė, was presented for the embassy as well as the need for financial support for her. The young artist studies in Manchester, but next year she is moving to London.
Prof. D. Strakšienė, Ambassador Asta Skaisgirytė and the second secretary Žydra Senkuvienė spoke about likely collaboration between Šiauliai University and Manchester Universities.
The evening discussion "Do we need each other?" was held in a cozy Embassy's hall, which was full of former Šiauliai citizens. Šiauliai Vice-Mayor doc. Stasys Tumėnas, Šiauliai City Council member Gediminas Beržinis and University's representatives took major parts in the discussion. In addition, former Šiauliai citizens poet V. Jasiukaitytė, banker Domantas Mockus and ŠU graduates expressed their opinions, proposals critical approaches for what should be changed, but they all agreed on one thing: the University must be saved.
Doc. V. Dambrauskas's exhibition "My city's portraits" was enjoyed by viewers in an exceptional way; they saw a lot of familiar faces in it. Spectators evaluated author's attempts to express the "face" of the city by paintings of separate personalities. V. Dambrauskas also presented his photo album.
S. Vaičiulytė made her performances several times throughout the discussion.
University's representatives participated in another prominent meeting in EC Lighthouse Lithuanian School in October 10. Lithuanians call this school by "Švyturėlis" name. During the meeting, S. Vaičiulytė made a musical performance and prof. D. Strakšienė with the head of the school N. Jankauskienė discussed the possibilities for our students of Music pedagogy to have their placements there, what is more, their teachers could be invited to ŠU seminars and conferences.

Info and photos by the Department of Music Pedagogy