A group of Šiauliai University Research Institute scientists participated in an international probation in Daugavpils University and Rezekne Higher Education Institution (Latvia) in October 8-9. The main topic of the probation "From international contacts to interdisciplinary scientific results" formed directions and types of activities. Researchers discussed in joint groups for the expression of mutual ideas and realization of their implementation possibilities.

Both Latvian science and studies institutions are connected with Šiauliai University by collaboration while implementing joint study programmes (Social Work and Social Rehabilitation with Rezekne Higher Education Institution and Nature Recreation with Daugavpils University). The leaders of the institutions admitted that some mutual scientific activities were implemented by small groups due to personal relations. Modern smart specialization period encourages researches to search not only for international, but also interdisciplinary dimension in research activities. Generating ideas in work groups, consisting of professionals of different fields is a modern approach towards science in both countries.

During the visit, scientists agreed on participation in international conferences. Latvians invited our representatives of social and humanitarian sciences to write articles for scientific journals, published in Scopus database.

Šiauliai University Research Institute scientists were introduced with the greatly developed infrastructures of both higher education institutions in Latvia, held talks about its implementation for mutual scientific researches. Lecturers of Rezekne Higher Education Institution Engineering Faculty invited our students of engineering disciplines to participate in joint laser research camp.

Info and photos by Šiauliai University Research Institute