The 4h international scientific-practical conference "Good Management in Local Self-Governance: Theoretical and Practical Transformations" took place in October 16-17 at Šiauliai University. Researchers and members of municipalities and self-government organizations from Lithuania, USA, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Slovenia and Turkey. One of the major objectives of the conference – to analyze practical ant theoretical transformations in local self-government.

According to the vice-rector for Research and Art prof. Diana Šaparnienė, transformations in local self-government have been quite substantial recently. "Emphasis is put on the inclusion of citizens into governance. It is essential for a community to be able to express attitude, as well as to partiipate in decision making in municipalities. Prof. Carol A. Edbon, a scientist from Nebraska University in Omaha, USA, illustrated by giving examples the participation of USA citizens in budget approvals, decide the investments and allocation of funds. This practice should be implemented in Lithuania as often as possible. This would build a bigger trust on self-government institutions. There are many active discussions about the importance of public sector business partnership, however, no major changes have been made. The aim of these conferences is to investigate model examples and encourage dialogue", Prof. D. Šaparnienė stated.
During the plenary meeting of the conference, topical reports were presented by: Vytautas Magnus University professor Giedrius Jucevičius ("Management of Regional Development Difficulties: the Need of "Smart" Policy"), professor of the University of Nebraska in Omaha, Carol A. Ebdon ("Local Government Transformation: Implementation, Participation and Partnership"), lect. Dr. Adam Jarosz from Zielona Gora University in Poland ("Good governance at local level: modern methods of local self-government management"), Dr. Uros Pinteric, associate professor at the Faculty of Novo Mesto ("Economic Development Centrism in Slovenian Municipalities").
Organizer of this international conference – Department of Public Administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Šiauliai University, invited the conference members to take part in the discussion at Šiauliai City municipality "Open Management: Theory and Practice in Šiauliai".

Members of the conference are expected to actively meet in separate work groups and to discus the issues of democracy, citizens' participation in self-government, social and economic transformation, public trust and leadership in self-governance.

Info by Communication and Marketing Office
Photos by Zenonas Ripinskis